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Overmountain Sound is an album inspired by Carter County, Tennessee and its surrounding areas. Musicians on the album include Tim Nave, Drew Shingleton, Grant Taylor, Caleb Gouge, Zack Vickers, J.P. Mathes II, and Leona Mathes. The album was recorded with Mike Stephenson at Classic Recording Studio in Bristol, Virginia.. 

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About Overmountain Sound

Overmountain Sound is a folk act from the mountains of East Tennessee. The band was formed in Carter County where the members wrote the first album. The name, Overmountain, refers to the Overmountain men and the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780. The songs are inspired by the area in story and setting. The songs tell a story of Appalachia and reflect its storytelling heritage. Overmountain Sound is Tim Nave, Drew Shingleton, and Grant Taylor, along with many other artists who make appearances.

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Overmountain Sound  - Chasing After Wind (featuring JP and Leona Mathes)

Overmountain Sound - Chasing After Wind (featuring JP and Leona Mathes)

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